Review: Home Sheep Home: Farmageddon Party Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Home Sheep Home: Farmageddon Party Edition was first discharged for Nintendo Switch in November of 2019. It’s in reality significantly more seasoned than that, having begun as a Flash game in 2011. The gathering version has now been re-discharged by another distributer, pressing riddles from different Home Sheep Home manifestations with new multiplayer content. This considered, Farmageddon Party Edition is as shrewd and beguiling as Shaun himself.

The main segment of the game—and the one you may review playing on your cell phone—is a riddle experience that highlights three characters from the show/motion pictures: Shaun (obviously), Shirley, and Timmy. Each has his/her own exceptional capacity; Shaun can bounce high, Shirley can move enormous items, and Timmy can travel through little spaces. Each level presents natural/physical riddles to settle, and you should utilize every sheep’s capacity to arrive at the end, gathering the extra things and star prizes en route.

You can illuminate the story puzzles in single-player mode, flipping between characters as vital. I could portray the sorts of riddles you’ll confront, yet one glance at the screen catches will reveal to you all that you have to know.

This mechanic works well, but tackling the story mode levels by yourself can be frustrating for two reasons. First, the puzzles are timed, and it takes longer to complete them if you’ve got two sheep standing still while you move the third. Second, some of the puzzles require quick movements and reactions, and bouncing from one sheep to the other at the right time presents a challenge that seems out of place with the game’s otherwise gentle, leisurely pace. The puzzles work better if you’re playing with a couple of friends, even if you’ll spend a lot of time barking orders to each other and arguing over whose solution to try first.

The puzzles are surprisingly diverse, taking you through a wide array of scenarios that will be familiar to fans. New mechanics are introduced frequently and are not overused, so there’s always something new to discover and solve. Whether by yourself or with friends, you’re likely to spend more time here than expected when you first sat down to play.

And then there are the new Farmageddon Party games loosely based on elements from A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon. They also feature Lu-La from the movie, who serves as your relatively silent host.

There are eight games in all for two to four players, ranging from runners to brawlers to volleyball matches. Whether you’re trying to outrun a giant hay bale, avoid collapsing billboards, jump your way across traffic, or simply score goals, the action is frantic, fun, and surprisingly competitive.

Controls mostly consist of just moving and jumping. There’s also a dash you can use to get ahead of the competition or knock them out of the way, depending upon the game. Standing on top of another sheep will impede its ability to move, so survival often involves you turning on the others to make sure they get knocked off/down/out before you do.

The competition can get pretty fierce, but the characters are so lovable, and the action so ridiculous, that it’s easier to laugh off your losses than to avenge them.

It helps, too, that the graphics are presented in soft, colorful watercolors; the distinctive 3D claymation visuals of the movies and shows would’ve interfered with the basic gameplay options available here. Instead, Shaun gets a storybook quality appearance that gives these games their own identity.

I mentioned in a recent review that the Nintendo Switch has become a haven for excellent party games from indie developers, and Home Sheep Home: Farmageddon Party Edition is another example. Even if you’ve never seen a Shaun the Sheep movie, you’re bound to get some laughs, some joy, and perhaps a grudge or two from this collection.

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